Plane Metal


Wrist Size: 15cm-16cm | 17cm-18cm
Watch Size: 44 | 45mm
Bangle Width: 21mm

Style: Cuff
Material: 316L Stainless Steel, resistant to rust & corrosionl
Color: Silver

“The Budd plane is the world’s first stainless steel airplane entirely designed and fabricated right here in Philadelphia by the Edward G. Budd. It was test flown in summer of 1932 proving that an all welded steel airplane was indeed possible.” - Larry Dubinski, the president and CEO of the science museum. We tried to create a vintage feel on this pieces on purpose.

Shipping takes about 4-7 days
(Depending on the shipping country)

*For customers in Taiwan, if you choose SF Express, please fill in your ID card number in the remarks column. Thanks!


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