Dragon Cloud Black


Wrist Size: 16cm-17cm  | 17cm-18cm 
Watch Size: 44/45/49mm
Bangle Width: 20mm

Style: Cuff
Material: 316L Stainless Steel, resistant to rust & corrosion
Color: Silver / 14k Gold Plated

Dragon is believed by the Chinese to present power and valiancy, excellence and determination, dignity and divinity. They are also a sign of royalty and wealth. A dragon is believed to have the powers to overcome obstacles to see success. He is spirited, confident, enthusiastic, intelligent and determined. Now with SOULITE Dragon Cloud bangle you can carry these blessing no matter where you go.

Shipping takes about 4-7 days
(Depending on the shipping country)

*For customers in Taiwan, if you choose SF Express, please fill in your ID card number in the remarks column. Thanks!

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