Black Forest


Wrist Size: 14cm-15cm 15cm-16cm 17cm-18cm 18cm-19cm
Watch Size: 40/41mm 44/45mm | Ultra
Bangle Width: 20mm

Style: Cuff
Material: 316 stainless Steel I Italian engineered wood
Color: Silver & 391 Dark Wood

We believed the attraction of genuine wood. The Italian wood Soulite will use is always to be promoted as “Pregiato” - the Italian word for “Precious”. This serves to underline the superior figuring of a certain tree. They always balanced its passion for wood with respect for the environment. The provision of raw materials takes place in reforestation areas working alongside the authorities in the place of origin. We are working closely with our wood supplier who understands and use cutting-edge technology to develop only the high standard wood products. Each piece of raw wood is carefully selected and dyed. After each prestige wood piece is cut carefully then they will be added a water repellant coating to avoid water or rain damage to make sure they will last for a very long time.

Shipping takes about 4-7 days
(Depending on the shipping country)

*For customers in Taiwan, if you choose SF Express, please fill in your ID card number in the remarks column. Thanks!


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