Top Lid Siize: 64mmW X 16mmH X 24mmD(Top area have 40mm wide space for engraving)
Bottom Lid Size: 64mmW X 32mmH X 24mmD
Bottom Lid W/ Hanger Size: 72mmW X 32mmH X 24mmD
Ring Size: 23mmW X 34mmH X 4mmD
Necklace: 710mmL X 5mmH (Can be cut using diagonalLpliers)

Style: Case
Materials: 316L Stainless Steel, Resistant to rust & corrosion
Colour: Silver / 14K Gold Plated
Weight: 0.08KG

Annoying noise fills the city, and everyone longs for a peaceful sky in which to lie and float to the rhythm of music. Apple AirPods Pro - one of the most popular noise-canceling headphones, is the little secret for urbanites to instantly change their music sky. Collecting this pair of little magic boxes should never be done casually. The SOULITE Apple AirPods Pro headphone protective case is made of precious metal materials, with elegant lines like flowing clouds, and a unique design that echoes the unique musical world of each user. The two fashion elements are integrated for the first time, allowing you to travel in parallel time and space between reality and the music world in a free popular form, leading a fashionable life.

• Tailor-made protective case specially designed for Apple AirPods Pro generation 1& 2 headphones

• The combination of dual fashion elements and the unique design bring a sense of fashion, allowing users to freely shuttle between the real world and the music world.
• The theme design of eagle and cloud symbolizes the fusion of courage, freedom and music.
• The embellishment of Tangcao pattern symbolizes the eternity of vitality and happiness.
• Well-designed spring loop, easy to hang on backpack or pants.
• Special design necklace can be used as necklace or trouser chain
• Unique 14K electroplating gold treatment, showing dazzling light and eternal beauty.

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